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Here are a few recent comments:
From: Winter, Sue - Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2012 12:35 PM - Subject: Customer feedback from group lunch yesterday!

Our group from Roberts Brothers, Inc. had a great lunch with you yesterday – ten ladies.  OF COURSE, ? we asked for separate checks  to which your server, Justin, quickly answered yes with a smile.  Grade A+.  We were seated in a  cozy, private area which lent itself to easy conversation. Grade A.  Our orders were served quickly, were generous in portions, priced reasonably and were DELICIOUS according to everyone. Grade A
We were asked to pay at the register as we exited, which made for a quick (think employee/lunch hour) handling of TEN diners. Grade A+.  We were handed your card with the invitation to respond to you regarding the quality of our dining experience.  Grade A+. This was only my second time to eat at Spot of Tea, first was YEARS ago when you first opened.  I will definitely return and spread the word of our very nice lunch!
Thanks!  Sue Cato Winter
General Manager - Roberts Brothers, Inc.

From: Brian Birdsong - Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2012 12:13 PM - Subject: Service provided

I just wanted to say how enjoyable our experience was today at your restaurant. The service provided by your entire staff was exceptional, especially from our waitress Shuntae. We brought some relatives who were visiting and will make a brunch tradition at Spot of Tea when they visit.
Thank you for the great experience.
Sincerely, Brian Birdsong

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